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Used Chutes

Contact Us to learn more about the used chutes we have on hand. We receive used chutes/trade-in's weekly. Please feel free to contact us if you have cattle equipment that you would like us to sell for you!

New Chute-Heavy Duty, Extended Length-SOLD WITH PLATFORM SCALES

Brand new chute. Heavy Duty Model, Extended Length, dual walk through doors, right side exit, rebar floor, hydraulic lower squeeze, additional neck access, rubber belted louvers, set up for yoke carrier, brisket bar. Set up for either gas motor or electric motor

New Chute & Trailer For Sale

Ranch Model chute, hydraulic lower squeeze, pivot controls (left side, side to side), additional neck access, right side exit, rubber louvers, hydraulic neck extender bars, (optional)yoke carrier. Chute can be set up with either Honda Gas Motor or 5 HP electric motor with quick couplers and press relief valve. A Platform scale system can be added to this chute (as shown in picture)


For Sale-Comm Pro Extended chute SC 00103

Commercial Pro Model, Extended Length, rubber louvers, hydraulic lower squeeze, 2 side exits, set up for a yoke trailer, rebar floor, dual controls, left neck bar, right hydraulic head restraint

New Ranch Model

2016 Ranch Model, Standard length, left controls, rubber louvers, 2 neck bars, additional neck access, hydraulic lower squeeze, 5 hp electric pump

Used chutes

Numerous Used chutes available, all standard length (8 1/2 feet long):
SC 10264: Comm Pro model, Pivot Controls, 2 neck bars
SC 00467: Comm Pro model, Right Controls, 2 neck bars
SC 00477: Comm Pro model, Right Controls, rebar floor, 2 neck bars
SC 90069: Comm Pro model, Left controls, 2 neck bars, rebar floor
SC 94007: Comm Pro model, Right controls, 2 neck bars
SH 90148: Heavy Duty model, left controls, rebar floor, 2 neck bars

Extended Length:
SHE 2000: 2 walk through doors, 2 neck bars

Please call for additional details, pictures, and pricing!


Portable Tub, alleyway, and chute. Transcorral currently has a manual chute attached, a Silencer standard length chute can be added.

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