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Wes Bruce brings all of his bucking bulls to Millsap Veterinary Clinic, and we work on them in a SILENCER Hydraulic Squeeze Chute. The range of options we have with the SILENCER Hydraulic Squeeze Chute makes working on these cattle easier on them and the staff. The use of the SILENCER Chute has made working on all cattle, including bucking cattle, less of a physical strain.

Thank God for this chute. It is a lifesaver and you guys were great to work with!

The SILENCER Chute and the Entire Moly System has exceeded all my expectations! And, you can quote me!

SILENCER Chutes are extremely durable!! My SILENCER saw it’s first weld, recently, after 9 YEARS and 250,000 COWS! And, I’ve pulled the SILENCER Chute Carrier 100,000 plus miles!

My old scissor-gate chute still worked, but it was just too hard on the cows! We stressed our cows by having to force ’em in the scissor-gate, and, it took a lot longer to work ’em.

Just like Temple Grandin says, “Animals walk into and out of the chute without “mooing.” I have thoroughly appreciated the pivot controls, because it allows the operator to change positions before fatigue sets in. With the new SILENCER, I now experience easier animal & operator handling. I haven’t used a Hot Shot since buying the SILENCER!!